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Who Are The Leadership Sphere?

Our 'why' is to develop leaders who contribute to sustainable business growth and success by enabling a healthy and humanistic workplace. We support and develop those who support and develop others. The Leadership Sphere was formed in 2007 by Phillip Ralph and Associates who have a long history of supporting organisations to create breakthrough performance. Our point of difference is a structured systemic approach to achieve realistic and sustainable positive change.

Why Would I Want to Join?

We bring together a community of growth-minded leaders who inspire each other to embrace positive and effective leadership habits and practices so that we can be more purpose-driven, can navigate and create meaningful change, and support the development of today's leaders and the next generation of leaders.

Here you will become a part of The Leadership Sphere community which includes access to free online courses as well as being amongst the first to hear about our exciting and revolutionary training programs.

The Leadership Sphere (TLS) Community Benefits

  • Be inspired.
  • Be part of a thriving, growing community bigger than any one individual.
  • Create positive and effective leadership habits and practices that will make a big difference to your leadership.
  • Be more purpose-driven.
  • Learn how to more effectively navigate and create meaningful change.
  • Be part of something special which aims to support the development of today's leaders and the next generation of leaders.
  • Hear about new ideas, articles, courses and resources FIRST (before released to the market if at all).
  • Call on the community to ask questions, share experiences and learn from like-minded people who care about their leadership and the impact they have. 

Some of Our Team

Phillip Ralph - CEO

Phil is the CEO of The Leadership Sphere (TLS)
Since creating TLS in 2007, he has specialised in developing high performing and healthy leaders, teams and organisations. The approach adopted brings together a strong systems approach with proven personal transformational processes. He also brings a diverse range of commercial, government and senior corporate experiences.  

Before TLS, he spent six years as the Head of Consulting and Program Delivery for the ANZ Bank's Breakout global cultural transformation program. Prior to that, he was with Victoria Police where he was involved in various training and development programs including within the Psychology Unit and reducing the number of fatal incidents through better training. He recently completed the highly regarded Dare to Lead™ Facilitator Training with Dr Brené Brown. 

Felicity Waterford, NSW State Manager
Leadership, Team & Culture

  • Change Management
  • Executive Coaching
  • Group Facilitation

Loren Pettigrew, General Manager

  • Establish & grow long term relationships
  • Ascertain needs and provide solutions
  • Facilitation


The program was one of the best I have attended given it was very timely. From the rich and "real" content to the great facilitation of Phil, Felicity, Andrew, Ash and Roderick it was one course that stays with you. I would recommend this program for those who want to create a more human organisation where people want to come to work. Dare to Lead is a great experience. 
Simone Wright, 
VP HR Asia Pacific, Pearson. 

I have worked with Philip Ralph of TLS as an Executive Coach for the last 1.5 years. This has been part of an Executive Team development program that he co-facilitated. Whilst I enjoy the team based sessions and find these to be really valuable, Phil’s particular combination of wisdom, practical experience and empathy allows him to be an exceptional coach. With his coaching and guidance I have evolved as both a manager and a leader. This experience has allowed me to deepen my self-reflective practice, refine my system level diagnostic skills, strengthen my influencing tactics and evolve my understanding of the work of leadership to new levels. This work has allowed me focus on what is core to my purpose, of enabling and empowering others and creating the conditions that allow them flourish whilst I continue taking the steps up to be a high impact authentic leader.
Rebecca Lovitt, General Manager, Marketing

The Dare to Lead program not only changed the way that I work and interact with my team, but also how I conduct myself in my personal life: leaning into my values, setting and enforcing boundaries, and ensuring I'm not listening to those in the cheap seats of my arena. I am a braver, kinder, more courageous leaders, mum, partner and human having participated in this program. 
Sarah Louise, Associate, Semann & Slattery.

Our Values

Our Blog

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Detox is a word that is often talked about in health circles. In more recent times the idea of a detox has moved from ‘diets’ to other areas to support our mental health, such as a ‘digital detox’ to get us away from our devices and minimise the overload of white noise being thrown at us via the internet and social media. But have you ever stopped to think about a leadership development detox for yourself or your organisation? 

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